About Dr Leslie

Dr. Leslie Wells is a way-shower whose passion and purpose are to assist others in accessing their own heaven on earth. Facilitating consciousness awakenings through a variety of holistic neuroscience-based modalities, she inspires, educates, and offers a new experience of reality to an international following.

Dr. Leslie is a Doctor of Chiropractic, an International Speaker, Author, Radio Talk Show Host, Holistic Energy Healing Facilitator, Intuitive Life Coach, Heart-Centered Entrepreneur, and Founder of the E.V.E Consciousness movement, which was born from information about the human consciousness journey that was spontaneously downloaded to her in 2012. Her books, seminars, broadcasts and training programs empower everyday people to access their inborn abilities to align with their heart’s desires and become intentional thought-form creators.

One of Dr. Leslie’s current focuses is on the abovementioned, Energetic Vibrational Exchange Consciousness, also known as E.V.E Consciousness. These teachings give a voice and curriculum to a human consciousness evolution movement that transforms victims into creators. E.V.E Consciousness Training Programs will be available to the public via the world tour launching April 4, 2020 with the first “Miracle Makers Cruise” - between Sydney Australia and Auckland New Zealand.

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Leslie began her journey towards becoming a healer by way of her own struggle with a severe childhood spinal disorder. At the age of fourteen, Leslie underwent major surgery, fusing twelve joints in her spine with a steel rod. She was bound by a body cast for nine months.

In the following years, she was determined to live an active normal life; however, she endured increasing back pain while cheerleading, jogging and teaching aerobics. By her early twenties, Leslie was limping with sciatica and continual low back pain... until she found relief through chiropractic care. That was the turning point where a vision of helping others move out of suffering was born.

She soon enrolled at Life University, the world's largest chiropractic professional school, in Georgia to pursue her newly found purpose which has continued to advance and expand into what it is today.

After completing her chiropractic training in Atlanta, Dr Leslie launched her life's work with a mission to help others in Auckland, New Zealand. Her intended short overseas experience evolved into nearly two decades in Aotearoa "Land of the Long White Cloud", where she underwent a progressive metamorphosis as a healing practitioner.

Ultimately her path led from practicing traditional chiropractic care to reaching beyond the spine, addressing underlying needs of the whole person. In time she opened four practices and was joined by associate doctors in her mission to change the world "one spine at a time".

Over time Dr. Leslie saw many people rapidly respond to chiropractic care, but she noticed a tendency for spinal patterns and health disorders to return time and again, which led her to search for deeper core causes.

Her quest brought her to new and ancient methods of healing unresolved body/mind trauma, releasing underlying nervous system and spinal cord tension, balancing brain chemistry naturally, and clearing toxins that poison the body and drain health. The new results her clients experienced were not only lasting physical change, but transformed relationships, healthier life choices and a happier outlook.

Through her 25 years of ever-deepening healing work, Dr. Leslie's reach has extended beyond the body and mind, to deeply energetic and spiritual healing. As her own personal awareness deepened along the way, her healing progressively took on a spiritual essence and new gifts opened with the Holy Spirit moving through her voice and hands.

Dr. Leslie offers tools and gifts to assist each person to access higher awareness and facilitate their own healing. These tools include energy enhancing bodywork, Empowered Life Coaching, and Spiritual Attunement sessions, to name a few. Her Spiritual Attunements incorporate energetic downloads of Higher Guidance which offer knowledge about the past, present, and potential future a client is currently aligned with, as well as steps to access better life outcomes by changing their energetic expression. Dr. Leslie facilitates these sessions in person and remotely (online) to clients around the world.

As a best-selling author, she has collaborated with Dr. Joe Vitale (star of The Secret) as co-author of The Abundance Factor. She has transcribed information about the human consciousness journey, which was spontaneously downloaded to her in 2012, into the pages of her pivotal work, Path to Wealth Through Faith ...the inspired teachings of E.V.E Consciousness. Online segments of this work are available for free in both English and Spanish.

She facilitates The Dr. Leslie Show which is a syndicated metaphysical and holistic radio talk show that reaches listeners representing over 190 countries online. In addition to bringing her own inspirational message, she has hosted over 200 experts, authors, and luminaries including well-known thought leaders such as Neale Donald Walsch (author of the Conversations with God series), Dee Wallace (star of Steven Spielberg’s ET), Dr. John DeMartini and Joe Vitale (of The Secret), and many other inspiring greats.

Her mission to uplift and support people in obtaining their best life ever reaches around the world. She has facilitated multiple outreach trips to Uganda Africa, and was the emcee of the first ever Global Women's Summit in Uganda in 2012. In 2016 she succeeded in her goal with the Wells for Wells project to bring fresh running water to the Vine School for Impoverished Children and Orphans, and most recently, new latrines in 2019. The school is in a remote village near Masaka, Uganda.

Dr. Leslie’s outreach ultimately expanded into her role as an inspirational speaker, trainer, and evangelist of E.V.E Consciousness. She leads people around the world to discover their purpose as intentional creators by moving them to embrace the true relationship between mind and matter. She then guides them to align to create their heart’s desires using the Technology of Faith and an awareness of their own Energetic Vibrational Exchange. The E.V.E Consciousness Training Programs will soon be available to all, as the E.V.E world outreach launches on April 4th of 2020 with the first Miracle Maker’s Cruise - between Sydney Australia and Auckland New Zealand.

For more information on this first of its kind life-changing seminar cruise, visit www.MiracleMakersCruise.com

Her approach today combines a fresh new energy of faith centered wellness with reorganizational healing through NetworkSpinal, SRI, Attunements, Empowered Life Coaching, and Emergence Care.